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    Elkins West Virginia metal carports are great for protecting cars, trucks or boats. Elkins WV steel carports come in many different sizes so we can customize one to fit your needs. We cover most of the Mountain State! Metal buildings have a much longer life span than wood structures and are lower maintenance! We offer Elkins West Virginia carports standard in 14 gauge framing with optional 12 ga(extra charge)! Also, our structures come standard with 29 gauge sheeting with an available 26 ga(additional charge)! So, if you're looking for a great steel carport at a great price call us toll free 1-877-662-9060 or email us: Today!


20x20x7 Regular Style Metal Carports
With: (2) Gable Ends

20x30x8 Boxed Eave Metal Garage
With: (2) 8'x7' Garage Doors

(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door

24x35x11 Vertical Roof Metal Garage
With: (2) 10'x10' Garage Doors
(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door

12x35x12 Regular Style Metal RV Carport
With: (2) Extra 36' Panels

20x20x8 Boxed Eave Metal Garage
With: (1) 9'x7' Garage Door
(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door

24x40x10 All Vertical Metal Garage
With: (3) 9'x8' Garage Doors
(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door
(3) Windows



   West Virginia carports also offer metal rv carports and metal utility carports! In addition, we offer metal carport kits at a reduced price. Elkins West Virginia steel carports are available in 3 different styles: regular, boxed eave or vertical. West Virginia steel carports are available in 13 different colors to choose from. Our knowledgeable staff with over 40 years of combined experience can help you with choosing the proper width, length and height of your metal carport or garage! For the areas requiring building permits we provide engineered drawings for our certified units (additional costs may apply). Always remember to check with your local code enforcement or building department before purchasing your carport!

    We offer a wide range of very durable metal carports, steel garages, rv covers and metal barns, great for protecting your car, truck,boat, RV, motor home or tractor or other farm equipment against the harsh weather including wind, snow, sun and hail. We can build our steel buildings for one-car, two-car, three car or several cars. Our West Virginia metal structures can be engineered to meet your areas wind and snow load requirements(requirements vary per are). You can also use our metal structures for extra storage, home office, workshop, auto shop and many other applications.

Advantages of having an Elkins West Virginia enclosed carport

There are several advantages to having an Elkins WV enclosed carport. Firstly, it offers superior protection for your vehicle compared to parking it in the open. By shielding your car from the sun's harmful UV rays, rain, snow, and debris, an enclosed carport helps prevent fading, rust, and other damages. This protection can significantly extend the lifespan of your vehicle and help maintain its pristine condition.

Secondly, an enclosed carport from Elkins West Virginia adds value to your property. Potential buyers will appreciate the added security and convenience that a carport provides, making it a desirable feature. Whether you're planning to sell your property in the near future or simply want to increase its market value, installing an enclosed carport is a smart investment.

Lastly, an Elkins WV enclosed carport offers versatility. It can be used not only for parking your vehicle but also as a storage space for tools, equipment, or other belongings. This additional storage area can help declutter your home and provide a dedicated space for items that would otherwise take up valuable space inside your house or garage.

Metal RV carports Elkins West Virginia

Metal RV carports are a popular choice due to their durability, strength, and low maintenance requirements. They are typically made from galvanized steel or aluminum, offering excellent protection against the elements. Metal carports can withstand heavy snow loads, high winds, and extreme temperature fluctuations. They are also resistant to rust, corrosion, and pests, ensuring a long-lasting storage solution for your RV. Metal carports can be customized to fit your RV's dimensions and can be further enhanced with additional features such as side panels, doors, and windows. With their strength and versatility, metal RV carports are an excellent investment for long-term RV storage.

42x35x11/8 Vertical roof Metal Barn
With: (1) 10'x8' Garage Door
(2) 9'x7' Garage Doors
(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door
(1) Window

22x30x9 Boxed Eave Metal Garage
With: (2) 10'x8' Garage Doors
(1) 36"x80" Walk in Door

24x40x10 Vertical Roof Carport
With: (1) Side Closed